Our blog regarding Floatation Tanks is created to give individuals the knowledge they require regarding seeking floatation tank therapy, floatation tank usage is gaining in popularity rapidly, especially over the last 5 years. Once this practice was the realms of fringe groups, now more than ever regular everyday people are hearing about them and the range of services offering rental of floatation tanks is expanding rapidly also.

What is not gaining as fast is quality information on the benefits of this type of treatment, the main reason for this is that the fringe groups once associated with the treatment were more into spirituality rather than exact science, this blog aims to provide to you exact science and also direct results as experienced by those using the tanks on a regular basis.

We regularly use floatation tanks and recommend people to try it out themselves, if you are unsure if it is suitable for you, and want some additional information to counteract the mystic claims some providers supply, this is the blog for you!